HE'S BACK: Melbourne's Remi is bringing his new album 'Raw to North Byron Parklands for Falls Festival 2016-17..
HE'S BACK: Melbourne's Remi is bringing his new album 'Raw to North Byron Parklands for Falls Festival 2016-17.. Michelle Grace Hunder

Remi's Divas and Demons go on stage at Falls Festival

MELBOURNE artist and emcee Remi Kolawole is one of those hip hop artist whose talent is accompanied by a whole lot of pizazz.

He didn't just arrived in the music landscape in 2013, he took the J Award for Album of the Year.

His latest album, Divas and Demons, released last September, acts like a diary of the last two years of Remi's life.

A hip-hop and soul release at its core, Divas and Demons explores Remi's personal experiences from the state of race issues, to the personal demons of relationship breakdowns, depression and the ongoing challenges faced as an artist.

"It's an emotionally charged album, it's all out on the line, and that's something that hasn't been explored in Australian music often, and that confuses me because there are so many people telling me that the didn't just liked the songs, but that the also resonated with them at a personal level,” he said.

"It is not just fans, but also other artists telling me that songs have touched them personally, so maybe it's something we need to explore more in the Australian music scene.”

The new album also finds Remi working once again with long-time collaborator Sensible J.

"We have always worked together, and J was the first person that made me see that music was not only something that I could be good at, but something I could excel at,” he said.

"That's something I will never forget.”

"He's been so critical on me becoming the artist that I am!”

Remi and Sensible J met six years ago through Sensible J's partner, who was Remi's co-worker at a retail shop in Melbourne.

"I knew her best and when I started rapping she put me on to what he wass doing and I had never heard anything like it,” he said.

Touching on the intricacies of love, race, politics and mental health, Divas and Demons features some huge special guests including Sampa The Great, Jordan Rakei, Baro, members of Hiatus Kaiyote and more.

  • At Falls Festival Byron Bay on January 2, 2017. For details visit fallsfestival.com