Tweed race driver Brendan Strong who competes in the Super 3 Supercar series is excited about the Muscle @ Murwillumbah auto event planned for early next year. Image SUPPLIED
Tweed race driver Brendan Strong who competes in the Super 3 Supercar series is excited about the Muscle @ Murwillumbah auto event planned for early next year. Image SUPPLIED

Rev heads to muscle into Murwillumbah for new event

THERE'S going to be a show of muscle on the Tweed in 2021 but there won't be a barbell in sight.

This muscle comes on four wheels and is set to give motoring enthusiasts and race fans a huge buzz through the streets of Murwillumbah's industrial precinct early next year.

Known as Muscle@Murwillumbah, the event will showcase excellence in automobile performance, style and control with a short course road time trial.

Being put together by Track Action NSW, a locally owned company with its base in Murwillumbah and headed by long time aficionado and racing entrepreneur John Tetley, the event is designed with enthusiasts in mind, to fill a gap in the region for a modern event, for late model cars with tonnes of appeal.

Mr Tetley hopes to see a vast selection of classic, modern, electric and everything in between in action and on display, allowing motoring fans to get up close and personal with some brutes of the racetrack and the road.

Event co-organiser Dion Andrews said Muscle@Murwillumbah was striving to be a classic event for contemporary times.

"We are currently investigating all options to make the event a 'carbon neutral' event and have been consulting with environmental experts to develop this event as a modern, sustainable event with significant and practical carbon offsets," Andrews said.

"Track Action NSW is endeavouring to showcase the evolution of cars, from the classic muscle car to the eco-friendlier vehicles of today.

"The track test was actually conducted in a fully electric Tesla and we will have categories in the event for electric/hybrid cars."

In an attempt to offer the event to spectators for free and to help make the event carbon neutral, Track Action NSW have supplied a submission to Tweed Shire Council for sponsorship for 2021.

Event co-organiser Michael Simmons said it was clear that a broad section of the local community supported motorsports events - from Show and Shines, to major events like Wintersun 2.0, Cooly Rocks On and Roger Ealand's original Speed on Tweed - motoring events have provided a significant economic boost to the region.

"In previous discussions with Tweed Shire Council, they had pointed us in the direction of the industrial estate as being a prime location for this style of event," he said.

"Our vision is to deliver a contemporary motorsports event that balances

positive economic outcomes for the area and environmental sustainability as its core principles."

Track Action are also in discussions with Destination NSW and local videographers, to see how the event can be streamed live on social media as a regional tourism event, further highlighting the region to the world with not only the race being shown, but also segments on the natural beauty of the region.

Tweed race driver Brendan Strong is excited about the potential of the event.

"I personally believe that Muscle@Murwillumbah will be a great event for the Tweed/Northern Rivers," Strong said.

"The event will be a great example for the local kids, youth and car enthusiasts as it will promote the importance of road safety and educate people that there are controlled environments to give their cars a run, not on the local streets," he said

Strong, who grew up in the shire, has been heavily involved in motorsport, starting in go karts, progressing currently to a national level in the Super 3 Supercar series. He currently races the ex Rick Kelly, Jack Daniels Commodore and will be next seen in the Super 2/3 event, supporting the supercars in Winton next month.

"M@M will give the community an insight into the careers that are available in motorsport such as: motorsport mechanical apprenticeships, media marketing, food catering, panel beating, engine building and the list goes on," he said.

"It will be great to see everyone having some safe enjoyable fun, and checking out the vast amount of cars in the community."