CONFUSED: Byron Shire News Editor need a little lie down now.
CONFUSED: Byron Shire News Editor need a little lie down now. Christian Morrow

REVEALED: Who is 'Outraged of Byron Bay'?

CONFUSION has reigned over the identity of the author of a mystery letter, Climate change-denying grandpa slams student 'riots' published in last week's Byron Shire News and on the Northern Star website.

The angry missive, purporting to be from someone called 'Outraged of Byron Bay' has both confused and angered many across the shire who have been left wondering if the letter and it's author are real or whether it is just someone's puerile attempt at humour.

The reaction has forced the normally reclusive Editor of the Byron Shire News, Christian Morrow, to come forward and admit he is 'Outraged of Byron' and the letter was a satire.

"I'm a bit confused now myself," said the hapless hack blinking in the unaccustomed sunlight.

"I was shocked at all the online hate directed at Greta Thunberg and other female Climate Action campaigners this week by angry middle aged white guys threatened by young people asking them to stop destroying the planet."

Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old Swedish school girl who initiated the global School Strike for Climate Action movement, upbraided heads of government at the United Nations Climate Summit this week calling on leaders to do more to avert an imminent climate catastrophe.

Also this week, more that 5,000 school children and their parents took to the streets of Byron Bay, in the School Strike for Climate Action March, calling on the Australian Government to do more to address climate change.

Morrow was part of the large media contingent covering the march organised largely by a group of local female school students.

"I mean these old guys, like Alan Jones and Karl Stefanovic, have completely lost their shit over this," Morrow said.

"So I thought I would write an ironic letter pretending I was one of them and people would see how completely cooked they were in the head."

But angry online reaction and phone calls to the Byron Shire News office from both sides of the climate debate showed the whole thing had gone pear shaped...just like the Climate debate itself.

"Some people wanted to run me out of town for publishing the letter," Mr Morrow, himself a fairly angry old white guy anyway, said.

"Still others were congratulating me for having the courage to let 'Outraged of Byron' say what everyone else was thinking and wanted to meet him and draft him in to run for council next year.

"Most upsetting for me is the majority were aware the letter was a satire, they just didn't think it was very good satire.

"I think I need a little lie down."