Reviews say Finding Dory not as good as predecessor

The reviews are flooding in for Finding Dory and the verdict seems to be unanimous: it's good, but not great.

The Hollywood Reporter's opening line says: "Its heroine may suffer from short-term memory loss, but viewers with any memory at all will realise that Finding Dory falls rather short of its wondrous progenitor".

Like many, THR laments the fast-moving plot, and ultimate lack of heart in the film.

"While rambunctious and passably humorous, this offspring isn't nearly as imaginative and nimble-minded as the forerunner that spawned it."

Entertainment Weekly described the film as "basically the same tale told in Nemowith some chairs moved around and a fresh coat of paint".

However, many critics have conceded that they are probably being too hard on Finding Dory, having come to expect so much from more thematically strong films like Inside Out, Wall-E andUp.

And almost all critics have praised Ellen Degeneres' performance, as she brings Dory to life. wrote: "Wisely, he film takes full advantage of what was Finding Nemo's greatest asset - besides its lushly multi-hued underwater inhabitants and plant life: Ellen DeGeneres' buoyant spirit and child-like glee as she vocally gave life to Dory".

And Variety praised the film for having "figured out how to take an already perfect character and deepen her in an exquisitely satisfying way".

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