Some impacts of the Border Ranges Rally held last month in Kyogle were revealed at Monday's council meeting.
Some impacts of the Border Ranges Rally held last month in Kyogle were revealed at Monday's council meeting. Susanna Freymark

Revved up over more racing events in Kyogle area

THE revelation of plans for another motorsport rally has one Kyogle councillor warning the LGA could soon be known as the racing hub of northern NSW.

Despite the controversy surrounding last month's Border Ranges Rally, Kyogle council has endorsed another motor sport competition, The Yowie Country Rally be held in Woodenbong in December.

During Monday night's Kyogle Council meeting, Gold Coast Tweed Motorsporting Club Vice President Stephen Davies requested to change the date of the rally from October 13 to December 1. The request was given the OK by most councillors and sparked a robust debate about the future of motorsports in the Kyogle area.

During his presentation, Mr Davies gave a run down of last month's Border Ranges Rally and while he revealed it was the most successful to date he also revealed some significant impacts of the event.

He was questioned closely by Councillor Maggie May who asked him about alleged damage from a car to a bridge on Knights Rd. Mr Davies denied the allegation.

He admitted to a car going through a fence and rolling, and a wallaby being hit by a car on the track and dying.

"Was there any damage to the car and the occupants, any injury?" Cr May asked further.

"The car was put out of action, totally, and the occupants were fine," Mr Davies replied.

He further revealed the club's plans to run another major event, scheduled for next year in Bonalbo.

"We are currently investigating roads in Bonalbo and in surrounding areas and will be talking to locals in due course," he said.

Mr Davies said it was in fact members of the Bonalbo community who contacted them about the proposed Rally, not the club who initiated it.

"For now it's just a concept," he said.

Cr May expressed her concern over the news.

"I'd be extremely concerned to think we were becoming the big Gold Coast Tweed motor vehicle club's back yard for hooning," she said.

"I don't want to see that happen just through single events being approved, until all of a sudden we find ourselves in a a position where we've now apparently become Motorsports club hub of northern NSW.

"We definitely need a planned response if we are going to have this kind of creeping motorsports venue-isation of our LGA."

The call for council to adopt a policy surrounding motor sport events was foreshadowed by Cr Janet Wilson and carried by councillors.

"I was disturbed to hear the organisation is having further discussions with Bonalbo, which in itself is a good thing, however it bothers me that the whole area of motor sport and entertainment is being driven by one private organisation," Cr Wilson said.

"The purpose of the broad motion is to make sure we begin to look at how we manage the whole issue of motorsport, how we support it and what we do to make sure that we get a good result.

"It's a matter of a community engagement process and it's a matter of coming up with a strategy that resolves the issues we are constantly facing, where people are distressed and disturbed by a range of matters."

General Manager Graham Kennett said Cr Wilson's suggestion for strategy and policy development was a fantastic idea.

"That, in line with the previous resolution that was passed for council to undertake some research, so council can put together a policy position in the future," Mr Kennett said.