A Regional Express 737 that will fly between Sydney and Melbourne
A Regional Express 737 that will fly between Sydney and Melbourne

Rex offers new flights to Melbourne, but there’s a catch

Regional Express' new foray into the domestic travel market has been trumpeted as a new lease on life for the airline.

The airline even promised a new fly-through service for its regional ports, such as Grafton and Lismore, which allows passengers to check baggage all the way through to their destination on specially priced one-stop flights.

From March 1, this will come true. On the scheduled days of departure, Grafton and Lismore travellers will be able to book their flight from home all the way through to Melbourne, stopping at Sydney, with luggage booked through and prices as low as $200.

There's just one problem - there's no direct way home.

With Rex's only flight to Grafton and Lismore leaving Sydney at 7am, there is no connecting Melbourne flight to meet the early morning departure - the first flight from Melbourne also leaves at 7am each day.

To fly back into Grafton or Lismore airport, you can fly on Rex from Melbourne to Sydney up to six times a day, with fares priced at $48 at the moment, stay overnight in Sydney, and then take the 7am flight from Sydney back to Grafton or Lismore, with fares on this leg starting around $160.

Other airports that Regional Express service on the North Coast such as Armidale have multiple flights that line up with the Melbourne to Sydney service, thus allowing the fly-through fare to work.

The new fly-through fares will begin on March 1 across the network, with a launch event scheduled for the first Melbourne to Sydney flight scheduled that morning.