Bush Fires are keeping RFS and emergency services crews busy this week as hot weather sparks sever fire danger.
Bush Fires are keeping RFS and emergency services crews busy this week as hot weather sparks sever fire danger. John McCutcheon

RFS busy with blazes despite region's total fire ban

EMERGENCY Services are working on a number of fires throughout the Northern Rivers region, and total fire bans have been put in place.

The hot and windy conditions have prompted severe fire danger warnings. The ban commenced at midnight last night and covers Ballina, Byron, Kyogle, Lismore, and Richmond Valley councils.

Rural Fire Service Northern Operations Manager, Daniel Ainsworth, said conditions will have a chance to ease before they return again on Thursday and Friday, but all permits across the Northern Rivers are suspended regardless.

He said they had 10 crews and four brigades working on fires south-west of Rappville today.

"We have crews working on an area that's been burning since Friday," he said.

"Yesterday it was quite active in the severe fire danger conditions. Crews worked up until 8pm last night and returned again this morning.

"They've done a line scan of that fire (a plane that takes infrared photos of the fire to map the size and extent of the fire) early this morning."

An additional five crews and two brigades are also working on a fire at Peacock Creek, east of Bonalbo.

"We are hoping to have that contained today, crews worked until 11pm last night so they're efforts mean we can hopefully have that at contained status by this afternoon."

In more remote country about 40 kilometres west of Kyogle at a nature reserve another fire required rapid aerial response teams.

"These are specialist fire-fighters who are on standby at a moments notice with a helicopter.

"They do dry fire-fighting to try and contain lightning strikes before they get too big.

"Crews were able to keep that fire under two hectares...without them it would've got to 1000 hectares."

National Parks will continue to work with emergency services on the fire over the next couple of days, and it is expected it will be at controlled status later today or during the week.

He said there are several other fires under controlled status that were mostly caused by lightning.

But there are others which are suspected as arson in the general Rappville and Busbys Flat areas.

"We are working with police to have those fires investigated that weren't caused by lightning."