Photo taken at Jabour Weir on Richmond River last year. Picture: SUSANNA FREYMARK
Photo taken at Jabour Weir on Richmond River last year. Picture: SUSANNA FREYMARK

Richmond River as a water supply is not enough

IN THE long term Richmond River cannot be relied on exclusively for water supply to Casino, Richmond Valley mayor Robert Mustow said.

"The town has been on level three water restrictions since September and with forecasts of consistent population growth, now is the time for Council to assess any alternatives which may be able to augment Casino's water supply in the future," Mr Mustow said.

Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis announced $80,000 funding for a scoping study for the council to determine a preferred option for securing an emergency raw water supply for Casino.

"This drought is outside the history books, while we continue to invest in emergency water infrastructure we need to ensure the water being consumed is also safe," Mr Gulaptis said.

Richmond Valley Council's recent water security study indicated the water supply for Casino from Jabour Weir on the Richmond River may not be sufficient over the long term.

Mr Mustow welcomed the NSW Government's contribution to the project.

"The scoping study funded by the NSW Government will give Council a kickstart on this vital project for Casino's long-term water security," he said.

The new funding is from the government's $1 billion Safe & Secure Water Program.

"The program prioritises key water infrastructure projects - from local drought backup systems through to new or upgraded dams to secure water supplies for our regional communities," Mr Gulaptis said.

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