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RIHANNA has taken home a permanent reminder of her visit to New Zealand - a traditional tattoo on her right hand.

A video of the 25-year-old pop star being inked by tattoo artist Inia Taylor, with help from local musician Tiki Taane, has been posted on YouTube.

The singer from Barbados played three shows in Auckland this week as part of her Diamonds World Tour.

The two minute video shows the singer, wearing a grey hoodie, and cringing and looking away as Taylor works, and occasionally dabbing her hand with a paper towel.

Taane holds her hand still as the tattoo is applied using a traditional technique.

The video was posted on Tiki Taane's YouTube channel on Tuesday, and has drawn positive comments from fans.

Natasha Nardella tweeted: "That video of Rihanna getting her hand tattoo actually amazes me, she's so tough. It would have absolutely killed.'

Rihanna's Moko Ink tattoo
Rihanna's Moko Ink tattoo Bang Showbiz

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