Risking their lives in conflict right now

ANZAC Day was cold and wet in some places, yet still hundreds of people went to local services.

Bearing witness is a powerful thing and on Anzac Day we acknowledged those who served, the families who lost loved ones and a military history that continues today.

Technology has made war not only more fraught but it has also made war more accessible.

We see the images of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, we hear on the news the horrors that befall those in conflicted territories.

News is fast and social media is faster.

When terrorists groups use the internet to promote their cause and to attempt to terrorise the world, we know things have changed.

I worry that bearing witness loses its impact and we are not empathising or witnessing but simply being entertained.

I have never fought in a war or conflict. My children never have and I hope they never have to.

There are currently 2241 operational Australian men and women serving in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Egypt and the Southern Indian Ocean according to the Australian Defence Force website.

Remember these men and women who are risking so much every day.