Stairs leading to Michael Anthony Martin's South Murwillumbah unit on Quarry Rd, where the 46-year-old was allegedly murdered in June 2014.
Stairs leading to Michael Anthony Martin's South Murwillumbah unit on Quarry Rd, where the 46-year-old was allegedly murdered in June 2014. Scott Powick

PHOTOS: Jurors inspect scene where man was allegedly killed

Thursday 2.40pm: JURORS in the Supreme Court murder trial of Michael Phillip Martin have toured the surrounds of the unit where Martin's father was allegedly hacked to death with a samurai sword in 2014.

The 12-person jury spent a little over an hour today inspecting the industrial area outside the victim's second-floor unit at 18-20 Quarry Rd, South Murwillumbah.

They could be seen scribbling notes while Crown Prosecutor Brendan Campbell pointed out various aspects of the alleged crime scene.

Perhaps the crucial location of interest was the base of the stairs leading into the unit.

It was there that the accused, 28-year-old Michael Martin, was found injured and bound with gaffer tape by a passerby at 5.11am on June 13, 2014.

Martin claimed to have been the victim of a home invasion during the night in which his father was brutally murdered.

"My dad is up there, they got my dad, I think he's dead," the court has heard he allegedly told his rescuer.

Bound and gagged, he told police he managed to wriggle his way out of the unit and roll down the stairs to get help.

But the court has previously heard Martin's minor injuries were inconsistent with his claim to have rolled down the steep concrete stairs.

The Crown instead alleges he killed his father and staged the event to make it look like he was a victim.

The court has also heard a passing delivery driver saw a man walking towards a car with Queensland number plates between 4.50am and 5.10am on the morning of the murder.

Martin jnr drove a black Jeep Cherokee registered in Queensland.

The jury also walked to a neighbouring chicken packaging factory, Specialised Chickens, and a banana storage shed on the opposite side of the road, from where a CCTV camera captured fragments of relevant footage on the night of the alleged murder.

The Crown was assisted by one of the lead detectives in the murder investigation, Detective Sergeant Simon Peddle, who could be seen gesturing towards the unit from different locations as he addressed the jurors.

Supreme Court Justice Peter Hamill was also present, along with Martin's counsel Gabriel Wendler.

Media had to observe proceedings from a distance as a 50m exclusion zone was put in place.

Police at both ends of the crime scene set up a contra traffic flow during the viewing.

Martin is facing an estimated five week murder trial in the Supreme Court in Lismore which started on Monday.


Original story: THE 12-member jury in the Michael Martin murder trial will today be bussed to Murwillumbah for a guided tour of the outside of the unit where Martin's father was allegedly hacked and stabbed to death in June 2014.

The Crown has arranged the trip so the jury can become better acquainted with the finer points of its case.

Martin's barrister Gabriel Wendler will also be present.

Michael Anthony Martin, 46, was allegedly murdered by his son Michael Phillip, then 25, in the early hours of June 13, 2014, in his South Murwillumbah unit.

Details the jury are expected to be shown include the flight of external stairs into the second-floor unit, where the accused's black Jeep Cherokee was parked on the night of the alleged murder, and the location of a CCTV camera at a nearby chicken processing factory.

One of the senior officers who investigated the alleged murder, Detective Sergeant Simon Peddle, will point out various aspects of the scene.

The jury will not be entering the unit, which is currently occupied.

Martin, now 28, faces an estimated five week trial which commenced on Monday in the Supreme Court in Lismore.