The Sealby's at the 12 Apostles.
The Sealby's at the 12 Apostles.

Road trippin' family might not come home

AFTER eight months on the road the Sealby's are counting down the next few months as they make the journey up the east coast back to Queensland.

The family of six including dad Corey, mum Ally, daughters Mackayla, 15, Chloe, 13 and Ava, 8 and son Cody, 10, packed up and hit the road in July last year to road trip around Australia.

"We are at Bells Beach right now checking it out," Mr Sealby said.

"We are anticipating being home end of June."

But their around Australia trip could be extended if they sell the family home back in Goodna.

"There's a chance we won't go back as our current tenants may buy our house," he said.

"If this is the case we may continue to travel until the end of the year making it 18 months on the road.

"It's all up in the air at the moment. If they don't buy we will move back in and prepare to sell as we will be making a sea change."


The Sealby's swim with the manta rays on Ningaloo Reef.
The Sealby's swim with the manta rays on Ningaloo Reef.

The family plan on taking their time up the New South Wales coast looking for potential places to call home.

"We have always loved the ocean so we figure if we can make the decision to travel the country then we can make the decision to change our lifestyle up and live closer to the ocean. We just love the vibe near the sea.

"At the end of the week we will start to head inland the Murray then back along the coast line of Victoria and head into NSW in a few weeks.

"The kids are super excited to see their friends and school again.

"It's sad that it may be coming to an end soon but the memories we have made and people we have met will last a lifetime."

The trip was something the family had been wanting to do for a long time.

"I still remember it, I was on my way home from work one day, Corey rang and said 'stuff it lets do it'. We had always talked about it, but we were always trying to pay the house off," Mrs Sealby previously told the QT.

"What I'm doing now is what my mum and dad wanted to do.

"Life's too short, I've had too many people around me die young."


The Sealby's in the Adelaide Hills.
The Sealby's in the Adelaide Hills.

The family said money had held them back but last year they decided "it's only money".

When pressed on their favourite place so far Mr Sealby said it was "tough" to name one place, but the Kimberleys were "amazing".

"There's too many experiences to name, we've done around 40,000 kilometres so far.

"The journey has been nothing short of epic. Yes we have bad days like normal life but they are just in amazing locations.

"We've stopped the home schooling as we have found this to get too stressful.

"We do day trips to museums and libraries etc and the kids are learning so much about the history of this country.

"We've had only one rain day in eight months on the road.


Corey and Ally Sealby enjoy the Ayr Peninsula in SA.
Corey and Ally Sealby enjoy the Ayr Peninsula in SA.

"We average spend around $1300 a week. This includes all accommodation, shopping, insurances and phone bills."

"Our entire life spend really is averaging $1300 a week."

The family are towing a 2015 Jayco Expanda Outback behind their 2016 Nissan Patrol to help save on accommodation costs, they're spending about $370 a week on fuel, and $200 on accommodation.

About $225 a week goes towards food, $57 on alcohol, $50 on eating out and $6 on coffee.

They spent two months in Queensland, one on the Northern Territory and three in Western Australia.


The Sealby's at the most westerly point of Australia.
The Sealby's at the most westerly point of Australia.

The family reckon they could settle at Secret Harbour in Perth.

"We've really fallen in love with this suburb...It has everything we are looking for as a family. Close to the beach, close to shops, close to schools and it has a real family / chilled vibe. The only thing it's missing is friends and family," they posted to Facebook in December.

The strangest thing that has happened on the road was being on weekend Sunrise, featured in local newspapers and being asked to take part in the Wife Swap reality TV show, which they turned down.