A Plus Indoor Sports Centre manager Shaun Cuso using the indoor rock climbing facility.
A Plus Indoor Sports Centre manager Shaun Cuso using the indoor rock climbing facility. Lee Constable

Rock your way to full-body fitness

WHEN it comes to strength and fitness, rock climbing is one of the best activities you can do.

While scaling rock faces might not be everyone's idea of safe fun, an indoor rock climbing centre makes the activity more accessible.

The A Plus Indoor Sports Centre on Wood St in the Mackay CBD has opened its indoor rock climbing facility and centre manager Shaun Cuso said it's a prefect way to test your strength and fitness.

"A lot of people have a multitude of ways they can benefit," he said. "Anyone who does weight training will know grip strength applies immensely to building strength and this is the best for it.

"It's very physical, you have to use your whole body and you have to think a bit too - you have to really plan the route before you climb."

The centre, which offers a range of martial arts and fitness classes, has Japanese owners with indoor rock climbing being very popular in Japan where space is limited, Cuso said.

Rock climbing without ropes or harnesses is also known as bouldering.

"As opposed to a vertical rock climb, where you're harnessed, you have to do it differently," Cuso said.

"Falling is quite safe, we have a one metre sponge mat at the base. You don't climb to a height that's great enough to cause damage but you do need to take care."

Cuso said he had only recently taken up bouldering.

"It caught me by surprise how in-depth and how much variation there is to it," he said.

Local businesses have provided prize packs for new members. For more information on the indoor rock climbing centre, phone Shaun on 0412 640 872.


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