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Rocky musical to close

THE 'Rocky' musical is to close after just five months on Broadway.

The stage show - which is based on the 1976 boxing movie which starred Sylvester Stallone - will play its final performance at New York's Winter Garden Theatre on August 17, after 28 previews and 188 regular performances.

According to reports, the musical - which has had mixed reviews - managed to break the $1 million mark just once since opening in March and in recent weeks has been drawing in just half of its $1,263,688 potential.

Stallone previously expressed his delight that 'Rocky' - which he wrote - had been turned into a musical.

He said: "This is really surreal.

"It is one thing with the movie. We got lucky with that and we got lucky six times, but 15 years later, a Broadway show.

"It was one of those things where I got lucky it just happen to hit a nerve, and the character lived well beyond me."

The action hero admitted his version of boxer Rocky in the film is different to Andy Karl's "romantic" version on stage.

He explained: "My Rocky was more guttural, Andy's is a little more aware of his surroundings. He has a romantic quality, I think."