Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis are officially ripped. Picture: Instagram
Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis are officially ripped. Picture: Instagram

Roxy Jacenko loves hubby Oliver Curtis’ hot post-jail body

FROM "scrawny" to "The Rock" in just 12 months, Roxy Jacenko is seriously impressed in her husband's post-jail bod.

Sydney PR queen Jacenko has admitted she thought her marriage was over, but now she can't stop raving about husband Oliver Curtis - and his hot new body.

Curtis was recently released from a 12-month imprisonment on insider trading charges and has reappeared looking seriously buff.

The Sweaty Betty boss told Confidential the couple now shared a love of fitness, and after a year of jailyard exercise, Jacenko is struggling to keep up with her man.

"Now 'Oli' is home we try and do what he calls a walk and I call a run on Saturdays and Sundays with (daughter) Pixie during (son) Hunter's sleep time," Jacenko said.

"Being without a job for 12 months he (Oliver) spent plenty of time exercising so now he has got the whole family ­involved."

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While Sydney's social set has been talking about Jacenko's new slim figure, she said her husband's transformation was much greater.

"He went in to jail scrawny and came out looking more like The Rock than Oli," she said.

It is a total new regimen for the whole family. Jacenko, who is a self-confessed novice in the kitchen, is even starting to prepare healthy meals for her two children.

While Jacenko's physical transformation has been epic, it has taken a lot of hard work.

"I work out five days a week for 45 minutes, at Flow Athletic, focusing on resistance training, lots of weights, push-ups, squats, TRX and sit-ups.

"I also do F45 in Double Bay two days a week to get the heart rate up and shed the kilos," she said.