Jordan and Julie Ryan with their son Jayden in hospital.
Jordan and Julie Ryan with their son Jayden in hospital.

Runny nose one day, life support the next

LITTLE Jayden Ryan is in the fight of his life.

He had a runny nose one day and the next was on life support.

The seven-month-old was recently diagnosed with complicated pneumonia, influenza and the clinical symptoms of meningitis, and is recovering in the Queensland Children's Hospital, but his mum says the outcome could have been much worse.

Julie Ryan is urging parents to trust their instincts after doctors didn't diagnose her son and could have "cost the little boy's life".

Two weeks ago Mrs Ryan took her son to see the GP as he had a bad cough and runny nose.

The doctor diagnosed him with a virus and he was recovering at home until December 2 when Mrs Ryan felt his "chest rattling" against her arm.

She called 13 Sick and spoke to a doctor who confirmed he had bronchiolitis and told her what to look out for.

"If he hadn't of educated me, I don't know if my son would still be alive," she said.

That night she called the ambulance to the families Augustine Heights home.

"They still didn't take Jayden to hospital," she said.

The next morning she rushed him to a private hospital as his breathing had become laboured and he was dehydrated.

However the doctors there didn't pick up just how sick the baby was.

Mrs Ryan said they did x-ray her son's lungs and said his right lung was "a bit clogged".

The hospital organised a transfer to the Queensland Children's Hospital and that's when the family found out just how sick he was.


Jayden Ryan fighting for his life in the Queensland Children's Hospital.
Jayden Ryan fighting for his life in the Queensland Children's Hospital.

"He was going downhill very fast. We're very lucky we came here (to the Queensland Children's Hospital)."

Once there he was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit then transferred to a bigger unit to be closer to doctors.

"Just past midnight that's when they intubated him and put him on life support.

"I still get chills thinking about how on Monday night they said you have a 'very sick baby'. When I heard that I thought he would be gone.

"I couldn't wait to hear him cry."

At the hospital doctors drained nearly 200ml of infected pus from his right lung.

"I still can't believe we are here," Mrs Ryan said of her son being admitted to hospital.

"I'm so relieved I trusted my gut instinct and saw another doctor after I felt he got worse.

"I was so happy to see him wake but sad as he looks so miserable."

Jayden also contracted a bacterial infection in his blood around the same time he contracted the virus.

"He was an absolute healthy baby boy and turned seven-months old one day before he got sick."

"He's such a smiley happy baby they thought he wasn't sick.

"I'm very lucky I acted when I did.

"I learnt a private hospital is not the best place to take a sick baby."


Little Jayden Ryan in happier times.
Little Jayden Ryan in happier times.

Mrs Ryan wants other mothers to know that babies don't need to have a temperature to have an infection.

"He tricked everyone into thinking he was fine."

Sunday doctors took the little fella out of ICU and put him into the ward.

He's improved a lot but doctors say it could take up to a year for his lungs to be completely clear.

"I hope by the end of the week to out of hospital."

Now with community support the family are raising money for the Ronald McDonald House near the Queensland Children's Hospital.

"They don't even have a biscuit donor."

Mrs Ryan said community support for her family had been "overwhelming."


Julie Ryan holds her little boy.
Julie Ryan holds her little boy.


Raising money for Ronald McDonald House

SPRINGFIELD Property Group organised an Everyday Hero page originally to help the Ryans with the cost of parking at hospital, but the family said they would rather the money go to Ronald McDonald House.

The family who own Jet Team Finance, spent a few nights at the Ronald McDonald House opposite the Queensland Children's Hospital while their son Jayden was in the intensive care unit.

"Jordan and Julie Ryan were confronted with every parent's worst nightmare when their son, Jayden - seven months, was admitted to Lady Cilentro Children's Hospital ICU," the Everyday Hero page reads.

"Jayden had become unwell with suspected bronchitis but it soon became very serious. After many tests and a lot of worry, Julie and Jordan were told Jayden had complicated pneumonia, influenza and meningitis which had caused swelling in the brain. We're so happy to say that Jayden is now doing very well and is out of ICU and recovering on a ward.

"We've created this page because, along with the Ryan family, we want to make a difference. We're inspired by the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities and wanted to support them by raising money to support families, just as the Ryan family have been supported."

Just over $700 has been raised so far.

Donate to the go fund me page at