Outrage: Police slammed for ‘patronising’ single ladies post

A POST on the NSW Police Facebook page has received major backlash with users claiming it puts the blame on women who are sexually assaulted.

The post parodied Beyonce's song 'Single Ladies' but the words were changed to warn women about the danger of going on a date with a stranger.

It starts with the well-known "All the single ladies" line before launching into a scenario where a woman is swiping through Tinder and agrees to meet up with someone.

The post finishes by urging women to tell a friend where she is meeting up with her date in order to stay safe.

Police were called out for this 'victim blaming' post. Picture: NSW Police Force/Facebook
Police were called out for this 'victim blaming' post. Picture: NSW Police Force/Facebook

But some people weren't impressed with the parody and blasted the NSW Police for putting the onus on women not to be assaulted rather than telling people not to assault women.

"Way to go NSW Police Force, I feel so safe knowing that you take gendered violence so seriously. Way to victim-blame. Is this why so many assaults go unreported?" one person said.

"How about you do work to stop men feeling entitled to women's bodies. How about you work on the lyrics to that song," another wrote.

One added: "Patronising sloganeering to women as opposed to proper effective civil policing to prevent violent crime and sexual assaults? Bravo NSW Police, you've just discovered a new level of stupid."

While hundreds of people criticised the post, there were some who agreed that looking out for your own safety was important.

"Telling someone to be aware of a potentially threatening scenario is not victim blaming. If we apply the same logic you're all getting so worked up about, should we stop telling children not to talk to strangers?" one user said.