Tamaev Asxabhe, left, the “Russian KGB Hulk”, looks like a handful.
Tamaev Asxabhe, left, the “Russian KGB Hulk”, looks like a handful.

17yo 'Russian KGB Hulk' seems destined for UFC

AT 17, generally people are still trying to work out who they are, but for Russian teenager Tamaev Asxab this journey of discovery has been all about becoming ridiculously jacked and savaging his first MMA opponent.

Known as the "Russian KGB Hulk", Asxab developed his ripped body by curling, benching and squatting with farm equipment.

His biceps measure in with a circumference of 48cm and he also claims to have the thickest neck of any 17-year-old in the world, with 54cm of girth. It's reportedly so thick a knife would have trouble penetrating the skin and muscle.

A training video shows the teenage monster dragging three cars with a band around the back of his head.

Asxab has gained a strong fan base on social media, boasting 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and he's made waves because of his slanging matches with other social media figures in Russia.

He slammed 21-year-old former soldier named Kirill "Popeye" Tereshin, who had injected a toxic bulking oil into his arms and then challenged the then-16-year-old Asxab to a fight.

In a video on social media, Asxab called out Popeye.

"Kirill is using synthol because of the lack of relatives' support and low self-esteem because he simply wanted to get some PR," Asxab said.

"Kirill, if you are watching this video, stop doing synthol, keep on working out and eat nutritious food."

Asxab promotes working out and eating healthy as the secrets to his success.

He has been floated as a potential UFC fighter and his reputation will only be enhanced after stepping into the Octagon for his first MMA bout earlier this week against Ukrainian YouTube star Philip Marvin.

Marvin's channel, which has just under two million subscribers, is all about extreme sports and performing death defying stunts.

Asxab, the absolute weapon that he is, destroyed Marvin within two rounds.

The pair felt each other out in the opening round with very few punches through for the first two minutes.

Asxab entered the much bigger of the pair and Marvin clearly knew it, running around and keeping his distance.

But Asxab grew in confidence throughout, trying to wrestle Marvin into top position.

Once he got on top, it was all one-way traffic as Asxab ground and pound Marvin into submission late in the second round.