Ruth magazine celebrates Queensland's most intriguing trees

From the Black Stump to the Dig Tree, the summer edition of Ruth magazine reveals Queensland's most intriguing trees.

Some were emblazoned by desperate explorers, others were used as geographic markers and one gave service as a famous ship's mooring bollard. There was even one involved in criminal activity.  

These trees have earned their place in the state's history and are carefully preserved for future generations. But there may be more significant trees dotted around the state as yet unrecorded. The National Trusts of Australia have banded together to encourage communities to nominate special local trees to be formally recorded on the Register of Significant Trees.

Anna Foley is a botanist who works in advocacy and conservation at The National Trust. She understands that it's the locals who know their trees best.

Source: Ruth magazine
Source: Ruth magazine

"Unless we have photographic or diarised evidence of a tree planting, we don't really know all the details like how old the tree is, who planted it or why it is special. But the locals in an area have knowledge that can really help us in our research."

With all the talk of vegetation management laws in Queensland, Ruth magazine invited Agforce to help make sense of it all and see things from our farmers' perspective.

From important trees to food from trees, recipes in the summer edition are nutritionally balanced and great for summer living thanks the clever dieticians at QCWA Country Kitchens.

Photographer and artist Steve Parish is interested in the healing properties of trees and nature. He is helping people learn the art of photographic storytelling as they embrace the restorative powers of creativity and nature. 

You'll also find stories about people who make a living from trees including bonsai, crafts, paintings, natural oils and more.

The summer edition of Ruth magazine is available at newsagents throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales and by subscription on 46909300.

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