Noel Whittaker
Noel Whittaker

Sacrificing salary to your advantage

LAST week I pointed out the extra opportunities offered by salary sacrifice now that the concessional cap has been increased to $35,000 for people aged 60 and over.

Let's think about a person aged 60 who still owes $100, 000 money on his home - he would like it to be paid off in five years when he retires at age 65.

Option One is to repay $1933 a month ($23,196 a year) which will have the loan paid off in five years if the rate remains a 6%. The cost to his salary package will be $3143 a month ($37,716 a year) in pre-tax dollars. After five years his home loan would be paid off at a total cost of $188,580 in pre-tax dollars.

Option Two is to leave the loan on an interest only basis and salary sacrificed an additional $25,288 a year to super. After deduction of the entry tax of 15%, he would have an additional $21,495 a year going into super.  If his fund earned 9% per annum, these contributions would put an extra $135,000 in his fund.

The interest only cost would be $6000 a year in after tax dollars or $9756 in pre-tax dollars.

At the end of the five years, his total contribution in pre-tax dollars would be $175,220 which is a saving of $13,360 over Option One.  Furthermore, after withdrawing $100,000 tax free from his super to pay off his loan, he'd have a bonus of $35,000 left over.  Obviously the second option is much better than the first.

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