Safety app shows up in time for Schoolies

WITH only a week to go before Schoolies celebrations begin, safety preparations are underway in Byron Bay as volunteers train for the Schoolies Hub.

And this week a new phone security app for Schoolies was launched in Sydney.

Co-ordinator of the Byron Schoolies Hub, Nicqui Yazdi said 20 volunteers had been trained in a senior first aid certificate last week, with another training day in youth mental health first aid happening on Monday.

The training was ahead of the official launch of the Schoolies Hub at Byron Bay's Main Beach from November 15, which will provide a central point of contact for the estimated 10,000 schoolies who visit Byron Bay each year.

Keeping Schoolies safe is also the focus of the new personal security phone app.

It records video and audio and sends an alert to trusted family members and friends.

The MyWitness Safety has been developed by a Sydney based tech firm.

MyWitness was launched on the Google Play Store.

The app can record video evidence, alert loved ones and assist authorities. It's intended to improve safety and deter crime, its promoters say.

The app includes a Quicktrigger feature on Android phones that can be launched in less than two seconds from standby mode. See screenshot at right.

Once activated, video and audio starts recording from the smart phone, its GPS coordinates are tracked and an alert is sent to a pre-selected personal response team via email and sms.

Have a safe Schoolies Week

  • Never leave a mate behind
  • Keep hydrated
  • Phone home every couple of days
  • Don't drink on an empty stomach
  • Be sunsafe
  • Call the Red Frogs 24hour hotline if needed: 1300 557 123