Labor candidate for Page, Janelle Saffin
Labor candidate for Page, Janelle Saffin Cathy Adams

Saffin says Hogan “allowed” apprenticeship numbers to fall

FEDERAL Labor Candidate for Page Janelle Saffin has said Page MP Kevin Hogan and the Nationals had "allowed" apprenticeship numbers in the electorate to fall by 31.5% in two years.

The number of apprenticeships in Page dropped from 2,117 at December 31 2013, to just 1,451 by December 31 2015.

"The retreat from supporting apprentices and the vocational education and training sector started with Mr Abbott and Mr Truss, and it continues with Mr Turnbull and Mr Joyce," Ms Saffin said.

"I am serious about investing in apprentices, skills and training in Page.

"The Nationals have cut $2.75 billion from the skills portfolio, including $1 billion in cuts to apprentices by scrapping the Tools for Your Trade program and access and mentoring programs.

"How can they talk 'jobs and growth' and then decimate apprenticeships and the VET sector?

"It's vital that we train and retrain our workforce to improve participation, productivity, and innovation. This is what will drive growth in our region.

"Kevin Hogan and the Nationals have been missing in action on apprenticeships and jobs.

"Only a Shorten Labor Government will deliver the support for apprentices and TAFE that local residents expect and a vocational education system that delivers a skilled workforce for the future."