Sam Armytage and Tom Cruise? Saaaaay what?

SAMANTHA Armytage has hit back at rumours she's dating Tom Cruise, following reports the pair had hit it off during an interview on Sunrise.

Woman's Day claimed this week that the pair had been going on "secret late-night dates" following their on-air meeting last Wednesday, even asking: "Could Sam be the new Mrs Cruise?!"

Apparently, the answer is no.

Armytage, 40, took to Instagram to ridicule the article, posting a picture of the glossy cover and writing simply: "Say whaaat?"


It's a no from Sam, sorry Tom.
It's a no from Sam, sorry Tom.

Armytage took another shot at the magazine on Sunrise this morning, after co-host David Koch joked that she'd been keeping her secret affair from her colleagues.

"It's such rubbish. If ever you needed to know that women's magazines were full of rubbish, have a look at it today.. don't buy it!" she said.


Samantha Armytage-Cruise...? Say it ain't so! 😵😂 #sun7

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According to the article, the pair had been seen "flirting" off set, during which Cruise, 54, "held her hand and affectionately put his arm around her".

The magazine even claims The Mummy star had sent Armytage a "secret signal" during the interview ... when he said he liked exploring new cities "in the middle of the night".

Even after the interview, when Kochie joked there'd been "a bit of a connection" between the two, Armytage wasn't having it.

"Stop it - stop pimping me out, even to Tom Cruise. For God's sake," she replied.