Via Twitter @GhostwritaMusic
Via Twitter @GhostwritaMusic

Samsung mocks Apple's latest iPhone with scorcher of a tweet

SAMSUNG'S timing couldn't be more perfect with Apple's #bendgate calamity coming right before the launch of the new Galaxy Note Edge concept phone.

With stories of Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus bending under even calm operating conditions, Samsung leapt and used it to tweet "Curved. Not bent. #GALAXYNoteEdge"

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Both the Note and the iPhone 6 plus are large form-factor phones commonly known as 'phablets', though Apple has only recently introduced this kind of model, while Samsung has had its Note line for years.

Twitter has jumped on board as well, with a fan-made unofficial Samsung advertisement telling iPhones to "Bend to those who are worthy", depicting a bent iPhone kneeling before a Galaxy phone.

The Note Edge is advertised as having one bezel embedded with a rounded screen that displays contracted updates and status icons. 

So far the Galaxy Note 3, the metal-bodied iPhone 6 Plus's main competitor, doesn't suffer the same bending issues because of its plastic case.

The Galaxy Note Four is set for a release date some time soon, most likely this quarter.