PrettyLittleThing mustard contrast stripe bandeau culotte jumpsuit, $38,
PrettyLittleThing mustard contrast stripe bandeau culotte jumpsuit, $38,

Say hello sunshine for best spring look

Sunflowers, ducklings, bananas and mangoes - yellow is blooming in nature and definitely blossoming in outfits.

This season is all about the colour of happiness, appearing in tones from pastel lemon to rusty mustard and everything in between.

Fashion designer Isabelle Quinn recently released a collection of lemon sorbet slip dresses and says they were snapped up almost instantly.

"They sold out in two weeks," Isabelle says.

"Everyone is just obsessed with the yellow. It's a really easy colour to wear. It's feminine and I think it suits a lot of skin types.

"It's a great colour for spring. It really pops and gives girls a lot of attention. Guys do look really good in yellow too."

While it's easy for some to pop on a golden hue and glow, it can be a tricky colour to get right if you're not familiar with it.

Isabelle recommends starting with a simple yellow garment in a soft fabric, or opting for accessories in the cheerful hue.

"Yellow linen is quite easy to wear, even for men," Isabelle says. "Slip dresses are a go-to and button-up linen shirts are really nice, and even shorts - an easy breezy pair of linen shorts.

"(You can wear yellow) just by wearing an easy style and accessorising it, say, with a nice pair of sandals or shoes."

Pairing yellow with other colours is a trickier prospect (black and yellow can leave you looking like a bee).

The safest bet is to stick to warm or pale neutrals.

"Not black, definitely not black," Isabelle says.

"You can wear white with yellow, off white and caramels. Denim is great to wear with yellow too."