The Schoolies HUB set up in Byron's Apex Park in 2013.
The Schoolies HUB set up in Byron's Apex Park in 2013. Dominic Feain

Schoolies safety team raise concerns over new hospital

THE team behind the Byron Schoolies Safety Response and Schoolies HUB are concerned about the distance between the HUB and the newly opened Byron Central Hospital.

With the new hospital being approximately 6km from Main Beach, the Byron Schoolies Safety Response are attempting to address the issue that this will bring to them in that they will no longer be able to easily walk young people needing extra first aid over to the emergency department.

To combat this the Schoolies HUB coordinator Nicqui Yazdi is trying to put together a mini-bus shuttle service for the evenings, where they will shuttle emergency department patients back and forth to the new hospital, to attempt to stop young people walking this very long distance and running the risk of being hit by a car.

"Obviously this is going to add greater expenses to this initiative and therefore we are seeking sponsorship from local businesses to help fund this initiative," Ms Yazdi said.

"There are a lot of local businesses who benefit from having the Schoolies here, however for as long as the safety response has been going there has just been a very small selection of local businesses who have continued to support year after year."

"We would like to encourage all sorts of local businesses to get behind this community initiatives, but would particularly like to hear from real estate agents, accommodation providers, hotels, cafes and others who do financially benefit from these young visitors."

The Byron Schoolies Safety Response also have their major recruitment drive happening for this year's HUB volunteers, with a target of 100 needed.

Schoolies runs from November 18 to December 5.

To donate, to volunteer, or for further information contact Nicqui Yazdi by emailing or call 0402013177.