The Brown & Jolly building in Woodlark St, Lismore, has been sold.
The Brown & Jolly building in Woodlark St, Lismore, has been sold.

School’s CBD plans: Chaos, or shot in the arm for Lismore?

Opinions are divided over an independent school's plans to expand into the Brown & Jolly building in Woodlark St in the Lismore CBD.


The Living School bought the landmark building for an "undisclosed price" and has revealed it plans to offer more enrolments up to Year 13 in the near future.

"Having a K-13 coeducational offering at the heart of Lismore is a focus on reconnecting and engaging learners with a town," the school's conductor, John Stewart, said.

"If the purpose of school is to improve community, schools must be in a community: we want to grow a community of shared futures."

But not everyone is pleased about the idea of having a school in the CBD.

Melissa Rizzo posted on The Northern Star's Facebook page: "Imagine the traffic chaos in town with a school zone now thrown in ... great to see the building being used but seems like a possible nightmare."

Grace Lang replied: "They would have to have some sort of plan for extra traffic, otherwise I'm sure they'd not get council permission to run a school there."

Jennifer Wykes: "Traffic chaos a 40km/h school zone and can't wait for drop off and collection time or the first child to be injured, unless the back lane is used."

Vanessa Robinson: "I wonder how they'll incorporate outdoor play into their curriculum at this location."

Others were happy that plans were in motion to make use of the iconic building.

Luke Patch wrote: "Better than an empty building. I do wonder people complaining of traffic perhaps can't remember when the CBD ran at near full occupancy. Pretty sure there were far more cars on the road than what the school will bring."

Peter Klaus: "Great shot in the arm for the CBD. Parents being drawn into the main street before and after pick up. Everyone whinges about how the CBD is dying; these people have done something that no-one else was doing, bringing a bit of life into the place."

Annette Hotko: "Great use for the building."

Felicity Hyde: "I'm glad something is going in there."

Pete Boland: "The Living School utilises the many great facilities in Lismore itself such as the Quad, art gallery, library and all the recreation parks as well as the Stewart farms at Lennox and Flat Rock. This is part of being a progressive school not a static institution."