A woman stripped off at the Aussie World pub and then assaulted a female police officer.
A woman stripped off at the Aussie World pub and then assaulted a female police officer. Patrick Woods

Semi-naked drunk woman in Aussie World 'lesbian cyborg' rant

CHILDREN were present when a drunk woman at an amusement park stripped off and punched a security guard, then assaulted a female police officer and called her a "lesbian cyborg".

Police were called to control Priscilla Marie Butler, 36, after she refused to leave the Aussie World pub last month after she had "exposed herself" with families and children in the room.

The Caloundra Magistrates Court heard Butler "turned on" a security guard as he attempted to evict her, punching him five or six times in the head.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Amanda Brewer said when police arrived Butler was on the road with her pants down and "abusing anyone near her".

Ms Brewer said she abused a female police officer saying, "you can get f-----, you lesbian cyborg" and struck her in the chest.

The court heard the male security guard suffered "pain and discomfort" to the face and ear.

Butler's defence lawyer Ben Rynderman said she was "adversely affected" by alcohol and was usually of "exceptional character".

Mr Rynderman said Butler claimed she was "manhandled" by police, but admitted that was no excuse for her behaviour.

"This doesn't attempt to excuse, but place it into context," he said.

Mr Rynderman said Butler was ashamed of her actions and attempted unsuccessfully to contact the police officer to apologise.

Butler was supported in court by her friends and brother and was regarded a "warm-hearted" person in character references.

The carer, who also worked at BWS, lived at Aussie World with the park's caretaker.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Butler was lucky she didn't severely injure anyone in her outburst.

"It's not rare people in your position go to jail... lucky the injuries were minor," he said.

Mr Stjernqvist said turning on police was a serious offence and sentenced Butler to 40 hours community service and fined her $1800.

No conviction was recorded.