Carbon tax repeal debate could see Senate sit on weekend

THE Senate could yet be forced to sit over the weekend, with sitting hours extended after Labor's and The Greens' filibusterous debate on the carbon tax repeal on Wednesday.

Several hours of debate was taken up in the Senate over the repeal, with Labor and Greens senators firing off a series of questions about the repeal bills.

Among the issues they said had not been addressed were whether businesses outside the electricity sector would be forced to pass on savings from the abolition.

An exasperated Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said that all businesses would be forced to pass on the savings, arguing the debate was going around in circles.

While senators will be unlikely to want to sit over the weekend, the government earlier today had extended sitting hours to continue until the tax was repealed.

After the government sealed a deal with the Palmer United Party, the tax is unlikely to stay despite the delaying tactics in the upper chamber.

Sittings could yet run from 9am-11pm on each day until the government has achieved its chief election commitment.