PUPPY LOVE: Feros Care's Jodie Cousemacker helps Tony Carter care for his best mate Lillie.
PUPPY LOVE: Feros Care's Jodie Cousemacker helps Tony Carter care for his best mate Lillie. Craig Tory Photography

Service is helping the elderly keep their furry friends

WITH her fluffy white hair, big brown eyes and beautiful temperament, Tony Carter fell in love with Lillie instantly.

You see, Lillie is a gorgeous maltese dog that was saved by an animal rescue group and recently re-homed with the 75-year-old Hervey Bay resident through a Feros Pets program.

The service, which is run under the umbrella of home care providers Feros Care, was recently launched in recognition that as people age, some become unable to care for their pets.

But with the service helping out with going for walks, giving baths and taking the animal for vet visits, local residents don't have to say goodbye to their beloved friends.

Lillie and Tony are now the best of friends and are often seen cruising around on Tony's scooter.

"I was looking for some company and had told the Feros team I wanted a little dog," Tony said.

"Lillie's previous owner could no longer look after her, so she went into the care of the fantastic Pet Rescue service at Wide Bay - who fed, groomed and loved her endlessly.

"It was only a matter of time before the Feros team thought of me. My brother-in-law and I visited Lillie and immediately fell in love with her.

"She's my little mate and I can't thank Feros Care enough for bringing Lillie into my life."

Feros Care General Manager Leone Crayden said there were many benefits to older residents owning a pet.

"Pet ownership is proven to help alleviate stress-related disorders and depression, which can reduce blood pressure - leading to fewer visits to the doctor," she said.

"We must not forget the unconditional love and affection pets provide which can often keep feelings of loneliness at bay, so it makes us smile when we see our clients enjoying the company of their own companions."

Ms Crayden said Feros Care assisted clients with the care of their pet, whether it's through daily exercise and feeding, or simply a weekly bath.

"The aim of our pet service is to take the hassle out of pet ownership so our residents can enjoy those special moments with their furry friends," she said.

For further information of Feros Care's Pet Service, visit feroscare.com.au