Severe storms likely this afternoon.
Severe storms likely this afternoon.

Northern Rivers warned to brace for severe storms

NORTHERN Rivers residents should brace themselves for the chance of severe storms developing later today bringing heavy rain, large hail and strong winds.

"There is a high chance of rainfall and severe thunderstorms in the Northern Rivers this afternoon,” Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, Nick Neynens said.

North Coast Storm Chasers posted on their Facebook: "Unstable air has the potential to form scattered thunderstorms, showers and rain areas once more.”

"Storms that do develop will be very slow moving and will tend from west to south-east in general.”

The storms are expected to hit later this afternoon or evening with a 50 per cent chance of becoming severe with large hail, heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding, frequent lightning and strong winds.

But the wild weather isn't set to stick around, NCS Chasers said.

"Call this the final hurrah as after this our trough system causing this instability will move offshore and leave us with a sunny outlook.”

Towns on the Northern Rivers will experience soaring temperatures, with some towns reaching 35C for the remainder of the week.