Nico, Lucian and Dragomir are the Transylvanian Gypsy Kings.
Nico, Lucian and Dragomir are the Transylvanian Gypsy Kings.

Sexy gypsies to invade Mullum

TRANSYLVANIAN Gypsy Kings play the latest Horas from Bucharest, traditional boys' dances where they slap themselves, plus hit pop songs from non-stop Romanian bars.

They promise a sexy show, with lots of black leather and macho jewellery from downtown Cluj Napoca/ Kolozsvar (the capital of Transylvania).

We had a chat to Dragomir ahead of their Mullum Music Festival show later this month.

What kind of men are you?

We may seem relentlessly sexy but we are quite kind men. Like music and party.

Where do you guys come from?

Nicu (vocals, keys) and Lucian (violin) first met at a traditional pig and carpet day in the Transylvanian capital of Cluj Napoca, suburb of Zorilor.

I, Dragomir, (electric bass) am tall, handsome and from middle European background, whose family escaped Stasi persecution in 1980s but kept 1980s style.

Did you know that The Cat Empire played earlier this year at a music festival in Transylvania?

We were there too in July this year, Beica de Jos and Targu Mures, but didn't see them.

First met Cat Empire Edinburgh Fringe Spiegeltent 2004.

Exciting to be playing alongside Harry Angus on Vanguard Stage at Mullum Music Festival.

How would you describe your style of music? What are your influences?

Is number one pop music played in non-stop late-night bars in Romania, drawing on all melodies we play in those long weddings and heartbreaking laments to win ladies and money.

Would you be looking for dates in Mullumbimby?

Lucian likes lady with big hair, Nicu has wide knowledge of European tongues likes all ladies, will take on motorbike ride.

I enjoy birdwatching and will take lady on mini golf date.