Shakespeare's anniversary stirs up a Tempest

LISMORE Theatre Company is calling for actors and singers to audition for Shakespeare`s The Tempest, the Company's contribution to the worldwide 400th Anniversary celebrations of the bard's death in 1616.

Jaimie Fox's William Shakespeare, First Prize (11-13 years).Chillingham Public School.
Jaimie Fox's William Shakespeare, First Prize (11-13 years).Chillingham Public School.

 "We are very excited to be bringing  The Tempest  to audiences in our area" said Jennie Hicks, president of the Theatre Company. 

"It's one of Shakespeare's shortest and most concise plays, very theatrical, full of music and magic!"

Shakespeare's last play

The play, believed to have been written in 1611, and thought by many to be Shakespeare `s last play, is scheduled for March/April next year and will be directed by theatre veteran John Senczuk

 "The Tempest is a brilliant comedy with  darker revenge elements," Senczuk said.

Plot outline

"It tells the story of the shipwreck of King Alonso of Naples, along with his entourage, as they sail home to Italy after attending his daughter's wedding in Algiers.

"What they don't know is that the storm that leaves them marooned on a deserted island has been conjured by a sorcerer, and the deposed Duke of Milan, Prospero. 

"Mayhem  - manipulated by Prospero and his spirit servant Ariel, follows!"

A graduate of NIDA, Senczuk, a recent arrival now living in Alstonville, has had a long career in the theatre as a director, designer and writer.

He has a strong interest in Elizabethan and Australian drama, and is also a huge fan of music theatre.

His 'country' musical Rose and Rodeo premiered in Toowoomba in February, and he is currently working on a new musical commission for Brisbane's Powerhouse.


Auditions for all roles in The Tempest will be held on Saturday December 5 from 10 am at the Rochdale Theatre, Ballina Road, Lismore.

To register for an audition please contact Jennie Hicks via email or on 0431 958 991.


The Rochdale Theatre, Ballina Rd LISMORE, Friday 18 March - Sunday 10 April, 2016