Two friends enjoying the Casino Beef Week.
Two friends enjoying the Casino Beef Week.

Ex-Star snapper shares stories through her lens

FOR 20 years Jacklyn Wagner saw the Northern Rivers through her lens and captured the essence of our community for The Northern Star.

The former nurse picked up the camera and found a lifelong passion in telling stories through photography.

Starting with the Lismore Echo she migrated across to The Northern Star doing relief work and never looked back.

Capturing many different moments, including the 2000 Olympics, one photograph that sticks out in Jacklyn's mind was a photo she's snapped of two ladies in their 80s at Casino Beef Week in her first year at The Star.

"I got back (to the office) quite late, at that stage we were doing black and white and I did the print, brought it out to the subs," Jacklyn said.

"The sub at the time, Graham Hunt, loved the image and pulled the front page a part, put a size on the front page.

"It gave me such confidence; I thought all my Christmas's had come at once."

Her love for photography, even after leaving the paper, has provided Jacklyn with a chance to connect with people on a deeper level.

"It wasn't just a job; it was a lifestyle," she said.

"For a really a good image to happen, there must be a cross over between the subject and the photographer, they give a bit of themselves and you give a bit of yourself.

"You get a sense of the person because they've given you something.

"You have to enter their world and you have to often do it really quickly."

Throughout her time at The Northern Star, Jacklyn said there were "so many stories and so many landmarks".

"And now it's my role to keep documenting the Northern Rivers," she said.