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Shark Facebook page now spruiking 'hateful diarrhoea'

A SOCIAL media page alerting Northern Rivers residents to shark movements has turned into a right-wing political conspiracy page without any explanation.

Taking to social media to warn other users of the changes, Nath Luke said he had noticed the Ballina/Byron Shark Watch page had been changed without notice to Ballina Byron Battleground.

"It was about the time that there was active community debate about nets and many local probably followed the page,” he said.

"More recently its 5000 followers may not have noticed it is now called Ballina Byron Battleground and seems to have become a page with a strong right wing political/climate change denial agenda.

"You might be unknowingly still following this page, but you should have the choice whether to follow such a page.”

The newly re-branded page posts videos and information relating to "conservative perspectives on issues ranging from free speech to climate change”, according to the page's info section.

After a series of posts were made alluding to material not shark watch related, many Facebook users were left confused about how they had come to 'like' such a page.

Cath Lewis wrote on Facebook she "left the page as soon as they started the diarrhoea”.

Peter Klaus decided to also unlike the page because he said he didn't "want political dribble shoved down my neck”.

Meanwhile, Tamara Crerar said she "was wondering how I had come to 'like' a page that seemed hateful. I unliked it straight away.”