SUPPORT: Angel Loop and Northern Rivers Founders have joined forces to run events locally together.
SUPPORT: Angel Loop and Northern Rivers Founders have joined forces to run events locally together.

Shark Tank-like group looking for ideas to invest in

IF YOU have a dream of starting up a great business enterprise but have not had the resources or the support to do it, you may need the help of an angel.

Angel Loop is a community promoting 'angel investing' and its role in the economy.

One of their programs takes 'investor-ready' businesses around to Angel networks in regional areas and Byron Bay has been added to their list of stops.

This Thursday, Northern Rivers Angels will hear pitches from three investor-ready companies, including one locally-grown.

Founders Northern Rivers will be running events in conjunction with Angel Loop over the next year as both organisations have partnered up to bring more deal flow to the region for our Angel Investors.

This event is also sponsored by Sourdough Business Pathways, an organisation that has a strong network of experienced mentors, some of whom we hope may be interested in becoming Angel Investors.

Kylee Ingram, Chair of Founders Northern Rivers, said the organisation has about 20 'angels' who are interested in investing in local companies that are ready to reach the next level in development.

"Some of the Angels in our area have a great amount of experience and will provide fantastic guidance to new investors who are joining the ranks," she said.

"Thursday will be the first event Northern Rivers Angels has done in conjunction with Angel Loop.

"Angel Loop started their roadshow through regional Queensland last year trying to build Angel networks.

"They have a goal of collectively contributing $120M to the startup eco-system and to achieve 100 Angel-funded deals over the next two years." 

Miss Ingram said they have introduced 20 companies to 'angels' right across Queensland so far, from Cairns to Byron Bay.

"Fifteen of these companies have secured investment from these Angel Groups. Not bad," she said.

Interested Angels should reach out to Northern Rivers Angels and join us at their events via their website ( they can email

Start ups can also join the Founders data base to find out about events.

They also have a facebook group where we share the latest thinking and opportunities:

Ms Ingram said the group is keen to see more Founders' start-ups in the region become investor-ready.

"We want them to know there are local investor options," she said.

"When starting their company, there is much information now about what is the best process to getting your idea up and validated, really quickly and cheaply," she said.

"The more Founders that understand the process in the community the more successful and diverse our area will become."