The face of pure stoke – Kian getting among it.
The face of pure stoke – Kian getting among it. Slideaholicscom

Waves are lousy and, with the sharks, is it worth the risk?

I REALLY didn't want to mention sharks yet again.

Sadly, however, what with the very nasty incident at Ballina, another bloke bumped at Lennox and a few near misses in Byron, the reality is that the toothy beasties are still around in numbers.

Their activity increases at times, some more so than others, and this appears to be one of those times. We're dealing with an apex predator in their natural environment; in the water they play by their rules, not ours.

It's prudent to be aware of this and give them some room for a few days to do their thing and move on, which eventually they will.

Regardless of what any of us may believe, the fact is that what we deem to be an acceptable level of risk with sharks, is actually a highly personal thing.

We either make a choice to put ourselves in their environment, or we don't.

Mike taking an after-work stroll.
Mike taking an after-work stroll.

When we do so, the risk we take as surfers is our own choice and ours alone.

Okay, on to the waves. It's not looking that good for the end of the holidays.

The deal is this we have a massive front pulling very cold air that's going to develop into a super cell low, then on to an ECL.

A super cell tends to stall inland of the coast, sucking in a very cold west to southwest air stream, before moving out to sea.

This wind blows offshore and may even whip up some west to south west swell. But close inshore, they tend to blow things flat for a few days.

It will eventually cross the coast further south, maybe on Sunday, and become an ECL. But it could several be days before we see any waves from that.

At least there'll be plenty of offshore wind blowing, so what little swell there is should be really clean. Just be aware the reports are still coming in of higher than usual shark activity from some very reliable sources.

So if you feel those internal warnings bells going off, listen to them. It's just waves, there's always plenty more to come if we need to wait a few days.

Stay safe, have fun wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.