The wreck of the SS Wollongbar, getting dwarfed.
The wreck of the SS Wollongbar, getting dwarfed. Slideaholics

Sharks, rips and loose sand: Be careful in the water

THE ECL (East Coast Low) developed as forecast, and fairly rapidly too.

We got hit pretty hard especially with the flooding.

Yet it was still a lucky escape for us, compared to the damage this system did further south, especially with erosion.

For us it really could have been much worse, had the system not rapidly tracked south after it formed.

We still got slammed with very heavy rain, considerable flooding, gale force winds, and a pulse of large, junky, short period wind swell.

As far as the waves go, it was a bit of a show, but not particularly good for us mere mortals.

There were moments for the highly experienced at a few key spots, especially last Monday, but for the rest of us, it was a spectator deal only.

Hopefully this weekend is shaping up to be a bit more user-friendly for the vast majority.

But first, a few important things to consider.

That swell has rattled our banks quite a bit.

The sand is loose again and now moving at some spots, and there is erosion at others, so we could see weird rips and currents.

Remember that eroded dunes are unstable dunes, they're always best avoided.

There has also been a lot of fish action around, including plenty of sharks.

With the added low visibility of flood waters heavy with sediment, we could assume a higher risk factor of getting hit.

There have been plenty of great whites hanging around lately, and it's a good time to remember that bull sharks just seem to love these murky conditions, so being aware of what these current conditions can bring is not a bad idea.

Okay, there is another low crossing our continent, but much further south.

At this stage it looks like Saturday we'll see leftovers from the ECL, the swell should be E/SE 1-1.5m at 9-10secs.

Sunday will possibly see a bit of a pulse of new swell from the S-S/SE 1.5-2.5m at 10-13secs.

However due to its direction it will mainly be hitting the south swell magnets, anywhere facing north will probably be fairly small.

The winds are going hold from the SW-S/SE all weekend around the 10-20kts range, so anywhere getting the swell, will also be coping the wind.

Once again, watch your appendages, there really are plenty of sharks around right now.

Have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.