Shark attack warrants high cost surveillance at surf comp

ANGOURIE surfer Dakoda Walters' father Jeremy Walters said he would not have let his son surf in the Skullcandy Grom Comp at Lennox Head if there had been no aerial surveillance on the look out for sharks.

The round-the-clock plane and helicopter surveillance was in response to a Ballina shark attack on Thursday, and a surfer being knocked off his board by a shark at Lennox Head the next day.

"It's horrible," Walters said.

"At one stage I was thinking of not letting Dakoda surf.

"But with the aerial surveillance from start to finish, they can see everything."

Walters said a plane took to the sky half an hour before and after the competition and was replaced with a helicopter when it needed to refuel.

Water patrols also complemented the aerial surveillance.

Although the surveillance was unsustainable, Walters said the situation warranted the high-cost operation.

He suggested jet skis as a low cost alternative during other surf competitions. 

Walters said he would continue to surf and was sure his son would too.He suggested water patrols for future competitions.