John and Sharon Edwards. Photo: contributed
John and Sharon Edwards. Photo: contributed

Sharon Edwards' case is still 'very much active'

TWO years since Grafton school teacher Sharon Edwards was last seen, police have confirmed their investigation into her suspected murder is still "very much active".

On March 14, 2015, Mrs Edwards played tennis at the Grafton City Tennis Club, stayed around for a few drinks and then went to dinner with a friend at the Good Intent Hotel in South Grafton.

Her estranged husband John Edwards was also there, and last year it was revealed the couple may have argued when they met at her Grafton home about 10.30pm that night.

Det Insp Jameson told reporters at a press conference on March 18 last year that the nature of that meeting was crucial, as were the movements of both Mr and Mrs Edwards immediately after.

Mr Edwards reported his estranged wife missing to police on March 17. For close to a year now he has been publicly named as a suspect in the ongoing investigation into her disappearance.

Police are interested in the migration of her mobile phone on the night she went missing, and into the early hours of the morning of March 15.

Forensic analysis of mobile phone data showed her phone migrated to the Lawrence area, where Mr and Mrs Edwards owned a house together, and where Mr Edwards still resides.

Police said there was no reason for her phone to be in that area that evening, and Mrs Edwards' handbag, mobile phone and wallet have still not been found.

"That is an active line of inquiry and it remains so with the advancement of technologies," Det Insp Jameson said.

"This matter won't go away."