Sarah Ann Kiely, 38.
Sarah Ann Kiely, 38. Facebook

She called him 4720 times... and that was just the beginning

A MESSY break-up erupted into fake pregnancy claims, threats of domestic violence complaints and thousands of unanswered phone calls

Mackay District Court heard Sarah Ann Kiely, 38, also told her former partner she was pregnant and sleeping with his cousin - all in hopes of rekindling their relationship.

From September 2016 to September 2017, Kiely stalked and harassed her former boyfriend, calling him 4720 times.

Now the mother of a 12-week-old girl will spend nine months in jail - and she plans to apply to Queensland Corrective Services for her baby to join her behind bars.

The court heard Kiely took photos of her former partner outside his cousin's house, threatened to make a domestic violence complaints against him, egged his house and car, and claimed she was in hospital with pregnancy complications.

The 38 year old pleaded guilty to unlawfully stalking her former partner and using a carriage service to menace.

Crown prosecutor Ben Jackson said Kiely attempted to emotionally manipulate the victim.

"The (woman's) conduct went beyond calling and messaging," he said.

"It went into the real world, there was the first egging, which occurred on December 17, 2017.

"On March 24, his car was damaged. It was scratched and the windscreen wider had been ripped off."

The victim moved house with his new partner in the hope Kiely would not find them - but she did, Mr Jackson said.

"She found the new address and then she and her friend repeatedly drove past the (man's) new address," he said.

"That new home was egged, he had put CCTV there and that camera had been pulled off the wall and stolen.

"His home was egged a further two times that week."

Mr Jackson said a psychiatrist report suggested Kiely "creates a reality that she lives within, and that reality is one of her choosing".

He said it suggested she might have Borderline Personality Disorder.

"In the words of the psychiatrist, 'she tends to create a narrative that is in keeping with her emotions and desires rather than actual events'."

Barrister Matt Heelan, acting for Kiely, said the psychiatrist's observations showed his client had a lack of insight into her rage and distress response to the relationship ending.

"She suggests her complicated emotional issues and this sensitivity to abandonment stem, in part, from coming to learn she was adopted," he said.

"Ms Kiely ... apologises for her behaviour. In her own words, wishes she could go back in time and behave differently."

Mr Heelan said the report found the birth of Kiely's daughter with her new partner would mean she was less likely to take part in disruptive behaviours.

Judge Deborah Richards detailed the ongoing threats Kiely made towards the victim, and the 687 text messages she sent to the victim's new girlfriend.

"Stalking can cover many different types of behaviour, but it has to be said this is particularly persistent," she said.

"The (victim) did everything he could to discourage you ... you made false complaints to the police about him, even when you were interviewed by the police about him, you tried to suggest he was the one stalking you."

"You have pleaded guilty, and that is in your favour, although it has to be said this was an overwhelming case given all the texts and the phone records."

Kiely was sentenced to three years jail, to be released on April 3, 2020.