Truck filled with sheep rolls at Beeac

A TRUCK carrying a load of sheep has rolled along the Colac-Ballarat Rd at Beeac, in Victoria.

It's understood a number of sheep were killed while others where injured during the rollover at about 2pm.

Witness Fraser Shawcross said he came across the scene about five minutes after the rollover and saw a number of dead and bloodied sheep.

He believes the truck was travelling towards the nearby saleyards.

"It looked like the trailer had come off the back of the truck," Mr Shawcross said.

"There were a few dead sheep and a fair few injured sheep."

Mr Shawcross said other trailers, also filled with sheep, did not roll over. The animals in those trailers were not harmed.

Police are at the scene to investigate the cause of the crash and manage traffic.