LNP MPs run into parliament in casual attire.
LNP MPs run into parliament in casual attire. Contributed

Shirtless Ted and the LNP's casual vote

A SHIRTLESS Ted Sorensen ran into Queensland Parliament to make an unexpected vote in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Mr Sorensen was one of many LNP MPs who ran into the chamber in various states of undress to make the 2am vote. He was wearing a jacket without a shirt underneath.

MPs ran into the chamber wearing Crocs, football jerseys and shorts. Some MPs were not wearing shoes at all.

LNP Callide MP Jeff Seeney called the vote in an effort to prevent Labor Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard from speaking but many LNP MPs were not expecting to be called into the chamber.

Mr Seeney had attempted to make a speech but Speaker Peter Wellington said as Mr Seeney was not on a list of members intending to speak he was not able to.

"There is a list Member for Callide and you are not on the list," Mr Wellington said.

"I think it is bad form when you are now preparing to now change what has been the understanding of the way our parliament operates."

Mr Seeney said he had missed a previous opportunity to speak when Deputy Speaker Di Farmer ruled the first MP on their feet was able to speak not the next person on the list.

Mr Seeney then called the vote to make sure Ms Howard was unable to speak.

Shadow ministers and backbenchers ran into the chamber to the cheers of Labor Ministers and MPs who were fully dressed. The LNP lost the vote 32 votes to 42.