Scott Geoffrey Maygar has been committed to stand trial. Photo Contributed
Scott Geoffrey Maygar has been committed to stand trial. Photo Contributed Contributed

Shiv attack double murderer ‘the stuff of nightmares’

A MURDERER'S attack on another jailed killer has made a lawyer ask what kind of punishment even exists for someone like Scott Geoffrey Maygar.

Toowoomba killer Maygar, 32, was sentenced on Wednesday for slashing Roma double-murderer Rodney Michael Cherry's throat.

The Maryborough prison attack happened in 2008 but the case bounced around various courts as Maygar's mental health and fitness for trial were assessed.

On Wednesday, prosecutor David Nardone said Maygar was jailed for involvement in a "gruesome and outrageously violent" 2005 triple homicide.

Maygar was jailed for murdering Michael Thompson, 30, David Lyons, 17, and the manslaughter of Tyson Wilson, also 17.

He also raped a woman at the North Toowoomba unit during the savage killing spree.

Maygar, a former Rockhampton street kid, arrived at Brisbane District Court this week handcuffed and his ankles shackled.

He was shut in a closed glass dock which four Corrective Services officers flanked.

The court heard QCS staff frequently wore "riot gear" when moving Maygar around.

"His history is the stuff of nightmares," defence counsel Ed Whitton said.

"He has not been a model prisoner".

Maygar had already been ineligible for parole until June 2035.

"There's really not anything left to do to Mr Maygar that hasn't already been done," Mr Whitton said.

The court heard Maygar took exception to a rebuke from Cherry at the Fraser Coast jail in 2008.

Maygar addressed a male officer as "Miss", drawing laughs from some inmates.

But Cherry warned Maygar his antics "would cause trouble for all inmates" and "he should pull his head in".

Maygar had a shiv, fashioned from a pencil sharpener blade melted into a pen.

Two or three days after mocking the officer, Maygar blindsided Cherry with a punch.

Mr Nardone said Maygar then pinned Cherry down before twice slashing the other murderer's neck.

Another inmate pulled the attacker off.

Maygar caused a 12cm wide laceration and soon faced an attempted murder charge.

The charge was downgraded to assault occasioning bodily harm, and grievous bodily harm.

Maygar pleaded guilty to both, and Judge Julie Dick accepted his pleas were timely.

Maygar nodded as Judge Dick said the court delays were not his fault.

The court heard Maygar might never get parole but Judge Dick said nothing was inevitable.

"He can change in that time."

Maygar was jailed for six years but that sentence was concurrent with the life term he was already serving.

His parole eligibility date was set back six months to December 1, 2035.   - NewsRegional