Shock kiss rocks Bachelor in Paradise


Alex Nation and Brooke Blurton have thrown Bachelor in Paradise into chaos after the pair shared a kiss on a single date.

While both women have their fair share of male suitors, Alex opted to use her date card to take Brooke out during Tuesday night's episode.

"I know exactly who I want to take on this date," Alex told producers. "Some people aren't going to be happy, there could be a target on my back because I'll piss a lot of people off."

But luckily there was at least one person who was thrilled, with Brooke saying she was "so bloody happy" at Alex picking her.

Both couldn't hide their delight at being together on a single date, with Alex cheekily grabbing Brooke's butt as they walked away from the rest of the group

Things got off to a cheeky start between Alex and Brooke
Things got off to a cheeky start between Alex and Brooke

On a double date last week with Bill Goldsmith and Nathan Favro, Brooke and Alex had flirted briefly as they watched their male dates dive into the water.

Finally alone to explore their flirtation, Brooke and Alex cuddled up on a coach and didn't hold their feelings back.

"I suppose I really wanted to have this time with you because I just wanted it to be away from all the noise. I -obviously - I really like you, you make me nervous," Alex told Brooke.

Holding hands, Brooke told Alex to "stop being so cute," admitting afterwards she could feel the "sexual chemistry" was "building" between them.

Their chemistry was palpable throughout their date
Their chemistry was palpable throughout their date

"You want to kiss me you're just getting real shy about it," Brooke teased. "You've forgotten how to do it, I think, you have forgotten."

"No," Alex shot playfully back, leaning in and kissing Brooke.

After their kiss both mulled about what their growing attraction would mean for Bachelor in Paradise.

A week in and Brooke was already exploring romances with Nathan and Alex Bordyukov, while Alex had already shared a kiss with Bill and had a flirtation with James Trethewie.

"Today has been perfect, I feel like we've figured out we're we are at. But at the same time we have a lot going on back at paradise," Alex mused in an interview afterwards.

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The pair kissed …
The pair kissed …


"I could give my rose to Brooke. We've just had a really great date and we made a solid connection there."

But Brooke was more torn, admitting that while she does "want to do what's right for me I also care about other people's feelings".

Back at the resort, the male contestants stressed about what Alex and Brooke's date could mean for them.

With it being the girls' turn to hand out roses and a ratio of seven women to 10 men, it meant five male contestants could be going home if either Alex or Brooke opted to give their rose to each other.

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A heartbroken James told Alex he was leaving Bachelor in Paradise after her date with Brooke
A heartbroken James told Alex he was leaving Bachelor in Paradise after her date with Brooke

Panic intensified as Brooke and Alex returned at the cocktail party hand-in-hand, with James the first to drop out of the running.

Pulling Alex aside, James told Alex he planned to leave before the rose ceremony as he didn't want to be with anyone but her.

"The only person I feel like I really wanted to explore a connection with was you, and I don't know if I can handle watching you explore everyone else," he told Alex, who was visibly upset over his decision to leave.

"I would rather you explore that, and then when you're out call me."

Brooke was visibly upset when Alex gave her rose to Bill not her
Brooke was visibly upset when Alex gave her rose to Bill not her

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At the tense rose ceremony, Alex decided not to buck tradition and handed her rose to Bill, while Brooke gave hers to American Bachelorette star Alex.

But their flirtation is far from over, with Brooke admitting she was disappointed to not receive a rose from Alex.

"I can't deny that I am cut up about it but I want her to explore her options, I'm not going anywhere," Brooke said.

"And if she comes back to me then it's meant to be."

Brooke and Alex's date was well-received by viewers at home, who praised it as a geniunely real moment on a show that has been accused of "queer-baiting" in the past.

Last year, Network 10 was criticised for running promos that implied a same-sex romance would be taking place between Megan Marx and Elora Murger.

TV ads showed Megan announcing "She's absolutely gorgeous ... she's definitely my type of girl," over footage of her kissing a long-haired brunette.

But in fact it turned out the long-haired brunette was male contestant Thomas Perras, leading viewers to slam the misleading promo.

"I was frustrated, and Channel 10 knows that. It's definitely queerbaiting, and I hate the idea of the queer community being offended and upset. I definitely was," Megan told about the incident.

"I don't have control over editing or promotion or any of that stuff, so it was frustrating. Not a whole lot that I could do about it but make a public statement and say that it sucks."

Bachelor in Paradise continues Wednesday 7.30pm on Ten

… and kissed
… and kissed