Young Woman Driver Yelling and Shaking her Wrist out Car Window.
Young Woman Driver Yelling and Shaking her Wrist out Car Window. AlexanderNovikov

Shocking act by impatient road bully

TO THE person in the white station wagon driving between Dunoon and Numulgi this morning,

You are a road bully.

At first I thought you must have been attacked by a swarm of bees, such was the frantic arm waving going on behind the wheel.

But no, it quickly became apparent you were late for work ... or your morning yoga class, or perhaps you drank too much tea before getting in the car.

Whatever the problem, I'm sorry the car in front of me was travelling 20km/h below the speed limit - it was annoying.

But the blind corners and double unbroken lines made it unsafe, and illegal, to overtake.

Do you know what double unbroken lines mean? Because they didn't deter you from suggesting every five seconds, with Swedish chef muppet-like gesticulation, that I pass the car in front.

Or ranging up behind my car to make sure I got the message.

Of course it didn't help that one blind corner where you wanted me to pass held awful memories - a fatal crash I attended as part of my job.

Did you think about how late, or how tragic, a crash would cause you to be? No yoga class then, I'm afraid. What about the driver of a potential oncoming car? No thought for their wellbeing or family.

The final act of astonishment came when I finally indicated to turn off the road and out of your impatient way.

You really must have been late. With no turning lanes on this country road, and a car approaching from the opposite direction, I thought you might slow down behind me. But no, around me you went, across the double lines, and into the path of the oncoming car, which swerved to avoid you.

I hope you got to wherever you were going okay. I'm sure you still got your latte before work. But perhaps you need to get out of bed earlier, exercise some patience and learn the road rules, because one day, you may not be so lucky.

PS: If you were being attacked by a swarm of bees, I'm sorry ... but you really should pull over.