Lismore speedway promoter David Lander
Lismore speedway promoter David Lander Contributed

Should the speedway go ahead at fire evacuation point?

CONTROVERSY has engulfed the Lismore Speedway meeting tomorrow night with people and animals still at the showground, evacuated from surrounding fires.

Reactions were mixed on the The Lismore Speedway Facebook page with many comments on whether the show should go ahead with 30 people and as many horses believed to be on site.

One concerned Lismore resident is Shannon Ahston-Martin who was at the showground this morning.

"It's heartbreaking; one lady was in tears,” Ashton-Martin said.

"A lot of these people are stuck out there and don't know what to do.

"I can't believe the lack of compassion from the speedway organisers and I know a lot of local people will never support them again if they go ahead with this.

"It's shameful what's going on out there; a lot of these poor people and animals still can't return home.”

There was plenty of similar comments on The Lismore Speedway Facebook page.

"Please cancel or reschedule,” Elizabeth Browne said.

"Many of the animals will not have experienced anything like the noise or vibrations of a speedway, and they're already in an unfamiliar environment.

"It will be potentially very dangerous for them and also for the people trying to look after them.”

Speedway promoter David Lander confirmed the show would go ahead and said they were doing everything they could to accommodate the people and the animals.

He said a lot of people were already starting to head home and there was no safety issues for the horses.

"Half the people have already gone home; we've spoken to the ones that are still here and haven't had any drama,” Lander said.

"There wouldn't be any more than 30 people left and they'll be looked after by us.

"We've adjusted the pit away from the stables and we had a car out doing laps on the track this morning and it wasn't an issue.

"I think only one of four horses I saw even bothered to look up and they were happy there eating and drinking.

"There are a lot of comments coming from people who wouldn't have a clue what's happening out here.

"Some of the people (drivers) rely on us for their income; I have 16 shows to put on this year and no other dates I can move them to.”

Long-time Lismore driver David Eggins backed this statement on the speedway Facebook page.

"I'm sure Lismore speedway is doing all they can to have minimum impact on the animals,” Eggins said.

"Due to council limitations Lismore speedway has less than 50 hours a year to make a living. Love, hugs, and charity is great but some have to make a living. Hope all goes well.”