Shower creep allegedly films CMC Rocks festival-goer

POLICE have confirmed there were reports of someone filming people in the showers last night at CMC Rocks.

Around 6pm last night police received the report from a young woman.

According to a related social media post the alleged offence happened in medium powered Camp A showers.

"Women need to be careful in medium powered a camp showers," it reads.

"Just had one of my friends have a male from the other side put a phone underneath recording her. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful whoever you were.

"Everyone comes here for the best weekend of the year and it's now ruined for her. Police have been involved and a report was made."

There are also unconfirmed reports of looting in devastated campsites.

Social media outrage was quick to condemn the "perv".

Police also said aside from this report, there were a few traffic infringement notices, indicating usual good behaviour from the CMC Rocks Festival crowd.