EMERGENCY Services Minister David Elliott has lambasted drivers who ignored warnings and put SES workers' lives at risk by driving through flood waters.

During a visit to the SES headquarters in Goonellabah this morning, the Minister said the 300 flood rescues scross NSW was "just unacceptable".

"I'm sick to death of having SES officers put their lives on the lines because people have ignored SES warnings," Mr Elliott said.

"Unfortunately and tragically we also saw some deaths - so quite clearly the message isn't getting though.

"I've said time and time again you wouldn't walk into a bush fire, so why would you drive into flood waters?

"Maybe it's time we look at some restitution for people who deliberately ignore the SES officers."

Lismore MP Thomas George was quick to signal his support for some sort of action to be taken against negligent drivers.

"I was absolutely disgusted and horrified that SES volunteers had to put their own lives at risk to rescue something in excess of 60 people which is more than 20% of the whole state rescues," Mr George said.

"I do not know what we have to do to stop people putting not only their lives at risk but also the volunteers," he said.

Mr Elliott was also on hand to present a $5000 boost to the New South Wales State Emergency Service Lismore Unit with NSW Government discretionary grant.

"The funds will allow for infrastructure improvements of the Unit's facilities through the purchase of an automated roller door system, which will provide enhances access capability to the Units response vehicles," he said.