Renee King from King's Pies in Casino will host the Pie Eating Competition at Beef Week in May.
Renee King from King's Pies in Casino will host the Pie Eating Competition at Beef Week in May. Cathy Adams

Contest for the King's crown at Beef Week pie-eating comp

GET crowned king or queen for simply eating the most pies at the upcoming Casino Beef Week King's Pie Eating Competition.

The event will be held on Saturday May 28 on Canterbury St near the Casino RSM Club.

King's Pie Cart owner, Renee King, said it was open to everyone but there would be one round for local sports players to compete against each other.

"We're hitting up the sports teams ... To get them to allocate one or two people to enter and verse each other," she said.

"Anyone can sign up.

"An 11-year-old girl handed in her form to participate with her dad.

"It's not just beef pies - if there are vegetarians who want to enter that's fine.

"If people prefer chicken pies that's also fine."

There will be three rounds of five people competing for first place, with prizes offered for second and third place as well.

"Third place is a six pack of pies, which is more like a dud prize because whose going to want six pies when you've just eaten so many pies?"

The first place prize is $50 plus the King or Queen crown, and second place will be $25 cash.

"People who win, they have the option of coming back next year to hold their title," Ms King said.

It's been about 10 years since the last King's Pie Eating Competition.

"I'm a Beef Week nerd and I was just thinking the last couple of years we should bring it back," she said.

The last King's Pie Eating Competition champion managed to eat four pies in two minutes.

Ms King expects the record to be exceeded this year because the pies will be cooled down.

To register, download a form from the website or visit the King's Pie Cart in Canterbury St.

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